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Derek Jeter Now Running Sports Media Company - RealGM Wiretap Former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is now running his own sports media company scarpe nike kobe x elite , The Players Tribune, according to a BusinessInsider report. Jeter was on a trip to meet with a few Silicon Valley venture capital firms wanting to learn how technology could help grow his online media firm. He laid out his vision for The Players Tribune, a website where professional athletes create their own content, and how he wanted it to ultimately become a platform to directly connect athletes with fans. Ortiz Wants One Year Extension From Red Sox - RealGM Wiretap
David Ortiz said Wednesday that he has had discussions with the Boston Red Sox about a one-year contract extension.

Such an extension would add the 2015 season to his current deal.

Ortiz made headlines earlier this week by saying it would be "time to move on" if the Red Sox did not offer him another long-term deal.

"We're good. We're good. We talked, they're talking and I just asked for one year," Ortiz said. "I didn't ask for anything crazy. It wasn't like I asked for a five-year deal. It's a one-year extension I asked for.

"Everything is going well. We had a great conversation. They are happy about what we talked about."

Tips of getting payday loans from online options Parayno Gloodt
Submitted 2014-04-15 10:52:21
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There is no supply of a better guaranteed payday loans no credit check services if you do not know your limit. This is very important due to the fact setting up a program and getting the correct amount of the payday mortgage that is cozy for you to repay is crucial. Furthermore, it is crucial that you understand the restrict so that you can take a position to understand how the bank loan will work for you. This also signifies that you should be capable to check every detail regarding agreement before you sign the agreement. You should also understand how much attention the loan is going to be paid at, when the loan should be repaid and regardless of whether you will incur any charges in case you fail to pay back the borrowed funds on time.
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