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It isn't uncommon but with the history of X hunter online, it's something to keep

It isn't uncommon but with the history of X hunter online, it's something to keep in the back of your mind. Of course, script rewrites happen on tons of movies. In an interview with Game Rant, Ed Boon revealed that there was a "possibility" that Watchmen characters could come to Injustice 2 via post-launch DLC. It's possible the script was a mess and he felt that they could do better but it's certainly a bit concerning that a movie went into production with a script that wasn't up to par.

Has been hard at work on a sequel titled X hunter online: Knights of the Lost Realm. The pages come courtesy of the Austrailian Xbox Live service but have since been taken down.. Putting it in Zelda terms, if the original Oceanhorn was designed to be close to something like Phantom Hourglass than Oceanhorn 2 is the series' Twilight Princess. Again, this could all be for the better but Suicide Squad was in a similar position and well. There's no release date on X hunter online at the moment, but the developers have said that they plan to show off the game at the Nordic Game conference in Malmö, Sweden, which starts tomorrow and runs through the 19th of May.A new rumor from Splash Report suggests that they're doing the exact opposite and Ben Affleck (who serves as an executive producer when not donning the cape and cowl) ordered a number of extensive script rewrites.

X hunter online's script was written in a mere six weeks and the movie had several different versions edited together that told vastly different stories. What those characters are, remain to be seen.Take all of this with a grain of salt as these are purely rumors that come from an anonymous source meaning absolutely none of this is official. Play it now!

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