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criminal cabinet

Cabinets are not environmentally friendly 6 criminal cabinet environmental protection is a full range of concepts, far from a "formaldehyde does not exceed the standard" can be included. Original sin: chemical pollution in addition to formaldehyde, the cabinet may also exist in the harmful substances benzene, radon and so on. In addition to the panel, there are cabinet board plastic wood grain sheets and viscose are required to deal with in order to ensure that the content of harmful substances does not exceed the standard.

Original sin II: physical damage to the material, poor workmanship cabinets, there may be in the details b and q plastic decking of the existence of burrs, sharp corners, fast mouth, etc., these parts without reasonable treatment, it is easy to cause physical injury. In the cabinet directly on the treatment of food, may because of the quality of the table, resulting in eating impurities, debris, etc., also have health hazards.

Cabinets also exist noise, light pollution, to avoid these problems, we must use high-quality hardware, a reasonable pvc wood grain fence choice panel and table. Original sin three: the material can not be recycled to create a waste of original sin four: very few energy-efficient design of the selection of a direct impact on the use of tap water. The single sink is more water-saving than the more popular double-tank, because the sink needs more water and the double sink can be soaked and washed separately to 4 Key Considerations for a Roof Deck with Tiles
make water more rational.

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