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group of research

Lin Hua university of forestry of place, Nanjing, medium scientific research and the college such as university of science and technology of Na Lin industry take the lead, share 23 units to form group of research and development, the research that undertakes a project jointly and compositive demonstrative task.

Use the Hua Limu of material as annatto brunt, at present producing area supply of goods is cut off basically already entirely, leave huge gap to market supply and demand, manufacturer of beautiful pear wood is mixed in cost pressure what leave boiler without rice is helpless under only the choice replaces a tree to plant, but the issue that pledge because of material and measures, can offer an alternative actually replace a tree to plant only also a few kinds, choice certainly will of concentration can break their equilibrium of supply and demand again again. Effect of annatto market butterfly begins!

drive bamboo industry to machine the profound treatment such as fiber of furniture of Xiang Zhu handicraft, high-grade bamboo and bamboo charcoal, bamboo to transform from general bamboo goods, outspread wait for a domain to trade, travel, food, culture, improve beneficial result of the economy of bamboo resource, zoology ceaselessly.

noble house solid oak flooring
polymer honeycomb marine decking
8 ft by 16 ft decking kit
build outdoor bench seat from composite material
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