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process is called health

production of high quality flooring. The second step: solid wood core plate separation in order to ensure the quality of each piece of floor, formal manufacturers usually only selected thickness, thickness, and no defect and no fracture of the wood core plate as floor base material, on the floor were selected by full-time staff separation. The third step: the core board glue row plate professional glue equipment operation, can ensure the glue evenly, improve the work

efficiency. The 8-10 layer is coated with a thin solid wood core board, which is arranged in an orderly way and is arranged in a crisscross arrangement and is glued together. It is this step that completely improved the limitations of wet expansion and dry shrinkage. The fourth step: hot pressing and hot pressing is one of the most important processes in the production process of solid wood flooring. Large factory using hot pressing equipment is more advanced,

production management personnel throughout the monitoring, so the product quality is relatively stable. The fifth step: substrate thick sanding with large thickness sander floor base material surface and the bottom of thick sanding, can ensure the surface smoothness, so as to improve the precision of the product, provide reliable guarantee for the veneer of decorative surface of precious tree pressing. The sixth step: the base material sorting the health of the floor base

osb board manufacturers Tanzania

outdoor aluminum stair railing for precast concrete steps

what does it measurement and it says hollow to floor

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