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Polyurea spray technology

Polyurea elastomer spray is a highly reactive, non-polluting spray technology that has excellent physical and chemical properties, excellent craftsmanship and environmentalmenards decking lumber protection. It is shown to be more unparalleled than traditional protective technology. Superiority. In recent years, polyurea elastomer spraying has been developing rapidly, widely used in construction, energy, transportation, water conservancy, chemical, mechanical and electrical, environmental protection and other fields

showing a strong vitality. Physical and chemical properties of excellent waterglue for pvc decking sri lankan home permeability, the overall seamless, dense organization, tough, strong bond, the real "skin type" waterproof. Polyurea can be used to meet the surface water, can also be used for waterproof water back. Weatherability, good resistance to aging.

Aromatic polyurea in the ultraviolet erosion although the phenomenon of yellowing, but no powder and cracking, can be long-term use, resistance to freeze-thaw, cold and heat gazebo roofing panels shock and wind and rain frost snow alternating impact. Excellent physical performance. Polyurethane tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength, cohesive force, elongation, wear resistance, puncture resistance, anti-rolling, resistance to Ge broken, anti-slippery and other characteristics of a significant, and excellent resistance to concrete cracking , The protection of concrete cracking and the how much does vinyl decking cost in the uk
reinforcement of the weakened concrete structure. Good anti-corrosion function.

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