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Painted and embossed aluminum coil

We are the manufacturer of coated and embossed aluminum coil, which are mainly used for aluminum-plastic board, alu cellular board, roller shutter door, aluminum ceiling, shutters etc.

Product specification:

1) Alloy: A1100 A3000 A3105 A8011 etc.

2 Thickness: 0.15-1.5mm

3) Max. width: 1300mm, standard width: 1200mm

4) Coil dia.: ≤1150mm

5) ID: 405mm, 505mm

6)Coating: polyster

7)Film thickness: 13-15μ(as requested)(As requested)

8)Coating hardness: (pencil hardness) ≥ HB

9) Adhesion: No less than 1 grade

10)Shock resistance: No paint loss, no crack (, ASTMD-2794: 1993)

11) Coating flexibility: 2T

12) Solvent resistance: ≥100 times

13)Package: standard, wooden pallet
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